Advanced Analytics
& AI Tools

We design and implement custom data & AI solutions that are technically proficient and deeply integrated with your unique business context for maximum impact

At Crunch we are committed to turn your ideas about data into more than just a pipe dream. You name it, we build it! Or team up with our long-term partners, if that gets you the better deal.

You name it, we build it! Or source it, if that gets you the better deal.

We create minimal overhead

We aim to create applications that create minimal overhead for your internal teams. We do this by providing or accessing the APIs of your pre-existing applications - saving your teams the hassle of learning and maintaining new tools. As an added benefit these data pipelines can grow alongside your company without the need for regular capital expenses to increase capacity.

While we can in theory build you anything from scratch there are many situations where this is simply not required because there are more cost effective alternatives out there. In this case we will help you find the product that best suits your needs and we will help you to integrate this tool in your complete workflow.

Get inspired

We are proud to serve some of Belgium's leading players in Retail, Technology and Entertainment. Data Science has the ability to create impact for each industry in its unique way. Discover how we can create impact for your business.

1. Retail

It's safe to say that the game is changing. The necessity to connect with customers on a highly and personalized level becomes more important every day. It drives the customer's experience, loyalty and purchases. To make this happen you need to capture and use as much information as possible related to your customers. Find out how Data Science comes into play:

B2C CRM & Marketing Automation

Create data-driven customer journeys with personalized messaging and measurable results.

Recommendation Engine

Present your clients with the products they will love.

Demand Prediction

Be the first to know which products will be duds and which will be your new stars. Adapt your strategy and tactics accordingly.

2. Technology

The acquisition & retention of customers is of paramount importance for every business. Data Science and AI will help you to increase these performance rates because clients of technology companies don’t expect anything less. Therefore it’s even more critical that your developers have the skills to detect the Data Science opportunities and know how to implement the basics. Explore your options:

Churn Prediction

Recognize when your customers are having second thoughts about your product.

Marketing Funnel Optimization

Don't waste your customer acquisition budget! Know where your leads are coming from, determine your channel ROI and optimize your spending.


Learn to spot new opportunities offered by data science, and know how to guide your team to tap into this potential.

3. Entertainment

Media giants like Netflix and Amazon have already integrated AI and Machine Learning into their services. Why? Because they recognize the necessity of the added value for their customers. Get inspired:

Data Strategy

Define the right strategies to help your organization make an impact by using the untapped potential stored in your databases.

Recommendation Engine

Present your clients with the products they will love.