How we assist data & analytics leaders

We help data and analytics leaders confidently move teams forward, introducing a strategy, data infrastructure, and a set of solutions that work.

The growth in all sorts of AI applications in every possible business setting has led organizations to appoint data, AI, or analytics leaders with the task of setting up the right team, roadmap, and infrastructure to support business initiatives and reap the benefits of the technology. Yet, the task remains a challenging one. A lot of decisions need to be made, talent needs to be retrained or attracted, and a first set of projects needs to be set up to demonstrate to stakeholders the tremendous impact one may be able to achieve.

How we help data & analytics leaders

1. Data & AI Advisory

We help data & analytics leaders analyze their current capabilities, translate business wishlists, and define a roadmap that demonstrates value while gradually migrating current systems without disrupting the current drivers of value.

360 Audit

We evaluate your current capabilities, including data systems, algorithms, team skills, and organizational maturity. We map every aspect of your data and AI ecosystem and help

Data & AI Strategy Feedback

Get expert insights into your existing strategies with a detailed review, helping you refine and optimize your approach.

Data Strategy Translation Service

We help bridge the gap between a business wishlist and a gradual growth in AI and advanced analytics capabilities, driving engagement and demonstrating tangible business value without losing stakeholder buy-in.

Data & AI Strategy Design

We help create a forward-looking strategy that fits your organization's unique needs. What will actually work in your specific situation? We cover everything from identifying valuable use cases to enhancing your data infrastructure and governance, ensuring an end-to-end approach.


2. Data Platforming

We help teams to architect, implement, and maintain the most advanced data platforms. By drafting the appropriate data architecture, executing seamless integrations, and ensuring the proper data governance and knowledge continuity, we help data & analytics leaders introduce a future-proof data infrastructure that works.

Data Platforming Design

Develop a robust architectural roadmap for your data systems, complete with data modeling and governance structures to ensure optimal data use.

Full-Service Data Platforming Implementation

From cloud migrations to setting up MLOps, we manage all aspects of your data platform setup.

Data Platforming Implementation Assistance

Add one of our experts to your team to temporarily enhance your existing capabilities and expertise.

Data Platforming Knowledge Vault

Secure your organizational knowledge with comprehensive documentation and training on your data architecture and systems.


3. Data & AI Solutions

We help build or implement the different Data & AI solutions on your roadmap. We either complete the entire project or assist your teams in completing a given project, depending on the assistance you are looking for.

Full-Service Data & AI Project Execution

We manage your data projects end-to-end, from setting up the required data infrastructure to developing or implementing a given solution. Topped off with the appropriate training and follow-up to ensure adoption!

Data Team Support

We augment your data teams with our expert professionals. Whether leading the charge or guiding your existing team, we provide the expertise needed to get your solution up and running.


4. Data & AI Training

We help grow your team's expertise with our targeted training in Data Science, Data Engineering, and Data Analysis. Our programs emphasize hands-on learning paths that focus on your day-to-day operations.

Data Science Training

Advance your team’s skills in scientific experimentation, hypothesis testing, and innovative data analysis techniques.

Data Engineering Training

Advance your team’s skills in maintaining a modern data infrastructure, MLOps, and the optimization of data workflows.

Data Analysts Training

Develop expert proficiency in data manipulation and interpretation.

Tool-Specific Training

Gain mastery in specialized software and tools essential for data professionals.

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