About Crunch Analytics

Crunch Analytics is an advanced data analytics agency based in Ghent & Rotterdam that develops strategies, builds customized tooling & provides training for fashion retail organizations eager to grow a data-driven organization.

As trusted advisors, we want to challenge current conventions by using the ever-growing abundance of data and lever data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create lean & lightweight advanced analytics & AI tooling. Tools that provide better insights and help a person in making that best possible decision or automate certain decision-making.

We assist in developing a clear data strategy and infrastructure, that enables business value to be extracted. We build tools that help decision-makers to better understand what happened, why it happened, predict what will happen, anticipate and automate certain decision-making. We educate both decision-makers and their teams on the opportunities for Data Science & AI.

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Our vision

As the world endures a seismic shift in how decisions are made, driven by the growing amount of accessible data and technological advancements, we see a clear need in aiding companies to prepare for that new era in decision-making.

By introducing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, companies ensure that computer systems do the tasks a computer system does best, so people can focus on what they excel at. Those non-routine tasks that require social intelligence, complex critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner

In order to even better service our clients, Crunch Analytics became a Microsoft Gold Partner in April, 2020.

Wearing this badge demonstrates our expertise in the area of 'Data & AI'. It sets us up for collaboration and establishes a close working relationship with Microsoft. Having that title means that Crunch Analytics as a company has earned the highest standards of Microsoft's widely-recognized partnership program.

Or, citing Microsoft itself: “Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification validates IT professional and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. MCP exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions.

Crunch Analytics is keen on maintaining that best-in-class capability within the Microsoft solution area 'Data Analytics', continuously proving itself to be a trusted partner & advisor to it's clients.

Meet the team

Crunch Analytics brings together people that are keen on applying the latest technologies and techniques in fields of Data Science, Machine Learning & AI. The team's work is guided by one sole mantra: “Is this providing additional business value?”. As an organization we aim to provide a vibrant working atmosphere, with a true scale-up mentality that mentors highly-skilled graduates in becoming trusted client advisors.

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