About Crunch Analytics

Crunch Analytics is an advanced data analytics agency based in Ghent & Rotterdam that develops strategies, builds customized tooling & provides training for organizations eager to grow a data-driven organization.

As trusted advisors, we want to challenge current conventions by using the ever-growing abundance of data and lever data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create lean & lightweight advanced analytics & AI tooling. Tools that provide better insights and help a person in making that best possible decision or automate certain decision-making.

We assist in developing a clear data strategy and infrastructure, that enables business value to be extracted. We build tools that help decision-makers to better understand what happened, why it happened, predict what will happen, anticipate and automate certain decision-making. We educate both decision-makers and their teams on the opportunities for Data Science & AI.

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Our vision

As the world endures a seismic shift in how decisions are made, driven by the growing amount of accessible data and technological advancements, we see a clear need in aiding companies to prepare for that new era in decision-making.

By introducing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, companies ensure that computer systems do the tasks a computer system does best, so people can focus on what they excel at. Those non-routine tasks that require social intelligence, complex critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner

In order to even better service our clients, Crunch Analytics became a Microsoft Gold Partner in April, 2020.

Wearing this badge demonstrates our expertise in the area of 'Data & AI'. It sets us up for collaboration and establishes a close working relationship with Microsoft. Having that title means that Crunch Analytics as a company has earned the highest standards of Microsoft's widely-recognized partnership program.

Or, citing Microsoft itself: “Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification validates IT professional and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. MCP exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions.

Crunch Analytics is keen on maintaining that best-in-class capability within the Microsoft solution area 'Data Analytics', continuously proving itself to be a trusted partner & advisor to it's clients.

Meet the team

Crunch Analytics brings together people that are keen on applying the latest technologies and techniques in fields of Data Science, Machine Learning & AI. The team's work is guided by one sole mantra: “Is this providing additional business value?”. As an organization we aim to provide a vibrant working atmosphere, with a true scale-up mentality that mentors highly-skilled graduates in becoming trusted client advisors.

  • Laurent Mainil | Crunch Analytics

    Laurent Mainil

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Laurent combines a deep expertise in Sales & Marketing strategy with a strong under-standing of data analytics. He's the guy helping you getting the ideas on the table and recognising the value.

  • Louis-Philippe Kerkhove | Crunch Analytics

    Louis-Philippe Kerkhove

    Co-Founder and CTO/COO

    Louis-Philippe started out in business and economics, but quickly developed a passion for algorithmic and mathematical problem solving. After spending time in academia - and earning his PhD in 2016 – he is now leading the analytics team at Crunch Analytics, applying this knowledge to solve real business problems using cutting edge tools and techniques.

  • Brecht Vandecappelle | Crunch Analytics

    Brecht Vandecappelle

    Director of Operations
  • Nils Roelandt | Crunch Analytics

    Nils Roelandt

    Director of Marketing & Communications

    Former legal advisor, communication advisor and Village Director of Co.Station Ghent. Now, Director of Marketing & Communication at Crunch Analytics. Nils is fond of the power of data & innovative storytelling, experienced in strategic planning, project management and today's marketing & communication techniques. With his passion and experience he will help set Crunch Analytics on the map.

  • Sebastiaan Dalmeijer | Crunch Analytics

    Sebastiaan Dalmeijer

    Country Manager NL / Senior Product Owner
  • Jacob Denolf | Crunch Analytics

    Jacob Denolf

    Talent & Academy Lead

    Jacob started his career in theoretical mathematics, but switched towards the applied side, getting a PhD at the department of data analysis. With a deep passion for analytics he now immerses himself in training future data scientists and making the data dreams of our clients a reality.

  • Charlotte Christiaens | Crunch Analytics

    Charlotte Christiaens

    HR Manager
  • Liv Bradt | Crunch Analytics

    Liv Bradt

    Office Manager
  • Nicolas Debbaut | Crunch Analytics

    Nicolas Debbaut

    Account Executive
  • Brecht De Vlieger | Crunch Analytics

    Brecht De Vlieger

    Senior Cloud Engineer

    Brecht has been working as a consultant for almost two years. Fuelled by passion and motivation, he helps businesses to extract useful insights from their data to increase efficiency, reduce costs and evaluate strategies. Thanks to his programming background, he's very familiar with agile development and data management.

  • Benoit Germonpré | Crunch Analytics

    Benoit Germonpré

    Senior Data Scientist

    Benoit is very passionate about how analytics & machine learning can help to improve CRM and other business processes. Furthermore, he is also interested in the way technological innovation can influence both business activities and the daily life of consumers (AI, IoT, smart cities, etc.).

  • Leen De Baets | Crunch Analytics

    Leen De Baets

    Senior Data Scientist

    Leen earned her PhD in Computer Science Engineering in 2018 and has joined Crunch Analytics as the resident expert in deep learning and neural networks, techniques she has applied to both practical and theoritical cases during her research.

  • Jelle Grammens | Crunch Analytics

    Jelle Grammens

    Senior Data Scientist

    Jelle is a skilled data scientist with a background in business and economics. He combines his knowledge of data analytics and machine learning with his business acumen to help customers bring their ideas to life.

  • Pauline De Belie | Crunch Analytics

    Pauline De Belie

    Product Owner

    Pauline recently graduated as a business engineer, specialized in data analytics, and wants to use the combination of her knowledge of business and data science to help customers in realizing their wildest ideas.

  • Nico Ekkart | Crunch Analytics

    Nico Ekkart

    Cloud Engineer

    Nico holds a master degree in Engineering/Computer Science from Ghent University. He served as an Executive Board Member of VTK Gent VZW.

    At Crunch Analytics, he is part of the Data Engineering Team

  • Willem Loobuyck | Crunch Analytics

    Willem Loobuyck

    Cloud Engineer
  • Droomelot De Gendt | Crunch Analytics

    Droomelot De Gendt

    Data Scientist
  • Lieselot Cauwelier | Crunch Analytics

    Lieselot Cauwelier

    Data Scientist

    After completing her degree as a business engineer in Operations Management, Lieselot pursued an advanced master in Data Science for Business at the University of Ghent. One of her goals is to help companies become their best selves and realize the value of being data-driven.

  • Haeike Josephy | Crunch Analytics

    Haeike Josephy

    Data Scientist

    Haeike started her career in physiology and evolutionary biology, but eventually transitioned towards studies in statistical data analysis. During her time teaching at Ghent University she obtained a PhD within that same field, with a particular focus on correlated data structures and causal inference. In her work, she greatly enjoys facing challenging puzzles that allow her to improve and explore, from one day to the next.

  • Kenny Denolf | Crunch Analytics

    Kenny Denolf

    Data Scientist
  • Jan-Joris Devogelaer | Crunch Analytics

    Jan-Joris Devogelaer

    Data Scientist
  • Marthe Van Den Hende | Crunch Analytics

    Marthe Van Den Hende

    Data Scientist
  • Sam Verdoodt | Crunch Analytics

    Sam Verdoodt

    Data Scientist
  • Eliz Gottschall | Crunch Analytics

    Eliz Gottschall

    Data Scientist
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