How we assist business leaders

We help business leaders confidently move teams forward, gradually embracing data & AI use cases that demonstrate value each step of the way.

In today’s fundamentally changing business landscape, more and more organizations are embracing the different use cases data & AI have to offer in a given sector. There is a clear need for business leaders to grasp the opportunities these cases entail in their specific business context, understand how to get to work and start implementing change gradually while ensuring impact and adoption.

Understand what use cases will create the most impact and let's get to work!

1. Data & AI Advisory for Business Leaders

Our advisory services empower business leaders to unlock the full potential of data and AI, discover what use cases will work for them, and ensure that future decisions and actions are informed and impactful.

Free Management Inspiration Call

Engage directly with our data & AI experts to explore the most impactful use cases in your field in under one hour. Understand potential benefits, costs, and timelines. We'll identify the most impactful use cases tailored to your specific situation and advise on how to gradually build an analytics capability within your team.

Data & AI Strategy Session(s)

This session—or series of sessions—equips leaders with foundational data and AI knowledge, inspires them with potential use cases, and kickstarts the creation of a comprehensive data & AI strategy tailored to your unique business situation. We focus on understanding the core business challenges, help list the most valuable use cases, and craft a roadmap that integrates business and technology-related actions.

Data & AI Translator Services

We bridge the communication gap between your business and IT/data teams, ensuring mutual understanding of goals, requirements, and the technical trade-offs necessary for successful implementation, integration, and adoption.

Value/Cost Assessment & Business Case Design

We analyze the potential impact and costs associated with proposed data & AI initiatives both before and after implementation and develop robust business cases to support decision-making.

Vendor Selection Assistance

We help you determine whether to build or buy solutions, craft detailed requirement lists or RFPs, and select the right vendors to meet your business needs.

Data & AI Grant Advisory

We guide you through selecting the most suitable grant schemes —especially Flemish, Belgian, or European grants— drafting compelling applications and managing reporting requirements to secure funding.


2. Data & AI Solutions for Business Leaders

We design and implement custom data & AI solutions that are technically proficient and deeply integrated with your unique business context for maximum impact.

Custom Solution Building

We develop bespoke solutions or proofs of concept that specifically address your business challenges. Our focus is on delivering impactful outcomes, not just functional software. Solutions can be built independently or in close collaboration with your IT/data team and integrated into the broader analytics landscape as needed.

Solution Adoption & Integration

We ensure that our solutions gain traction among end-users through comprehensive training and support, ensuring that they are not only well-aligned with user needs and business processes but also adopted effectively.


3. Data & AI Training & Adoption for Business Leaders

Our training programs are tailored to elevate the data and AI understanding of business leaders and stakeholders, enhancing their ability to drive successful analytics initiatives.

Business Leader Training

Gain a solid understanding of data, analytics, and AI fundamentals that allow business leaders to make strategic decisions confidently. Learn about the potential value and costs of analytics initiatives and how to realize them effectively.

Business Stakeholder Training

Understand the opportunities for data, analytics, and AI to improve day-to-day tactical decisions, with a focus on hands-on training. Learn how to generate and interpret insights from data, with confidence.

Analytics Solution Adoption Support

We assist business leaders and teams in understanding the essential components for successful analytics adoption and guide integration of these solutions into daily operations, ensuring sustainable impact.

Find inspiration in our cases

Cl Case Image Deldiche

Optimizing production planning in food production: How Deldiche uses advanced demand forecasting in combination with a unified production dashboard

How can you enhance your production planning with AI and data-driven insights? Discover how Deldiche, a Belgian delicacy producer, transformed its operations by predicting sales more accurately and optimizing raw material planning.

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Case Image No Text Torfs

Get more value out of end-of-season markdowns in fashion retail: How Torfs uses the Crunch Markdown Assistant to boost revenue & margins

How can you optimize markdown pricing and enhance retail efficiency? Discover how Torfs, a leading Belgian shoe retailer, significantly improved its profit margins and streamlined operations by implementing the Crunch AI-driven Markdown Assistant. This strategic initiative leveraged advanced analytics to revolutionize Torfs' end-of-season discounts, boosting revenue by up to 30% and margins by up to 8%.

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Case Image Clean Beerwulf Price

Transforming e-commerce operations efficiency: How Beerwulf was able to scale operations using advanced demand forecasting & automation

How can you scale the challenging process of creating themed packs that contain various—perishable—types of beer, especially with regard to stock replenishment? Learn how Beerwulf leveraged AI and data-driven insights to obtain more adequate sales forecasts and significantly decrease out-of-stock and overstock situations.

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Clean Case Image Hornbach

Optimizing stock levels in DIY retail. How Hornbach was able to reduce capital expenditure by introducing advanced demand forecasting

How can you refine your inventory management and reduce capital expenditure with AI and data-driven insights? 

Discover how Hornbach, a leading European DIY retailer, revolutionized its supply chain by implementing advanced demand forecasting techniques. This strategic move enabled Hornbach to optimize stock levels across its stores, significantly improving cost efficiency and customer satisfaction

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Clean Case Image Unilin

Creating an assortment that works: How Unilin uses advanced predictive analytics to transform its assortment strategy

How do you make changes to a successful product portfolio to stay in touch with market trends, yet without hampering current sales? Learn how we helped the team at Unilin manage their bi-annual update of a product line with data-driven insights and confidence.

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Clean Case Image Beerwulf AI Price

Improving your bottom line in e-commerce: How Beerwulf boosts margins & revenue with AI-driven price optimization

Finding that optimal price point for each product in your catalog across markets is a daunting task. With the help of AI & data-driven insights, Beerwulf was able to bring scattered data together and create a unified view on pricing. Here is how.

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