Client Introduction

Hans, CEO at Beerwulf

  • Industry: Craft Beer E-commerce Platform
  • Role: Chief Financial Officer
  • Company Size: €36M in revenue; a Heineken subsidiary

As an online craft beer store (eD2C) active in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, and other European markets, Beerwulf (a Heineken subsidiary) was on an ambitious growth path. The CEO of Beerwulf, steering the company’s efforts to meet said ambitious growth targets, recognized the potential of advanced analytics to improve marketing effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

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Directing Marketing Efforts Effectively to Create More Loyal Customers

The team at Beerwulf faced typical challenges in enhancing customer engagement and personalization in its marketing efforts. Crunch was brought in to assist the marketing team in winning over today's digital-native consumers.

A Unified View over Customer Data & Improved Customer Segmentation

The primary challenges at Beerwulf involved refining customer segmentation and achieving a unified view of customer data. These issues were critical as they affected the company’s ability to implement personalized marketing strategies effectively.

That is why Crunch implemented a two-fold strategy:

  • Advanced Customer Segmentation and Personalization: This involved analyzing customer data to create detailed customer segments using predictive models. These segments allowed for more targeted and relevant marketing campaigns.
  • Unified Customer View: The proper tooling was introduced to integrate all customer-related data into a single view, enhancing the marketing team's ability to execute campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

The Impact of Better Targeted Marketing Efforts

In essence, notable increases in engagement and conversion rates were observed following the campaign improvements, demonstrating the effectiveness of the targeted strategies. Both the marketing team and company leadership reported better operational efficiency and more effective campaign management.


Implementing these solutions improved Beerwulf’s marketing operations and customer engagement strategies. With enhanced capabilities in data analytics and customer segmentation, Beerwulf is prepared to continue its ambitious path of growth and strengthen its position in the market.

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