Summer Read: A 2020-Guide on Creating an Analytics-Driven Marketing Environment That Secures Results

This long read provides a 4-step framework on how to update a current marketing environment into an effective analytics-driven marketing environment that secures results. It helps to understand essentials, what investment decisions to take, etc.

Why now? Well, for most brands/retailers, 2020 will mark as the year their online sales channels made a significant leap as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is what will be different.

During the first series of lockdowns, not just 'young, digital natives', but people from any age demographic turned to webstores, e-commerce platforms or online marketplaces to purchase a variety of items. UK-based research by Wunderman Thompson signals that at least 51% per cent of consumers have indicated that they will retain some of that new purchasing behavior as a consequence of COVID-19.

Such is a blessing for pure online & omnichannel c-level executives or their marketing team representatives. For over a decade, they have been advocating for an increased investment in the online customer journey. Those online storefronts are now generating more client behavior data than ever. Client data that can help a brand/retailer to refine its competitive advantage over the competition, update its services and build meaningful customer relationships with a substantial increase in customer lifetime value.

We see, however, that a lot of teams struggle with turning this abundance of customer data into a valuable asset. With bringing data from a variety of online & offline sources together in a single location and applying machine learning algorithms and other data science techniques to find patterns, translating such into insights.

This is especially the case for marketing teams, who are eager to use this data & insights for more effective marketing campaigns. These past few years, they teamed up with agencies and introduced marketing automation tools that promise high-yielding direct marketing campaigns. But that isn't necessarily the case.

What they often lack are the insights derived from client data, that ensures better targeted and more personalized marketing campaigns at scale. Guidance from patterns in data that guides them and ensures that these marketing automation tools are effective, at scale.

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