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    In-House Machine Learning Course for Programmers

    Teach your team the tools and techniques of Machine Learning so they can implement Data Science in their day-to-day job and create new opportunities for your company.

    • Start: at your convenience
    • Location: your place or elsewhere
    • Number of sessions: the right amount
    • Duration: perfectly timed
    • Seats available: as many as needed
    • Language: English or Dutch
    • Price: ask us and find out!

    In-House Machine Learning Course for Programmers

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Your teachers

  • Jacob Denolf | Crunch Analytics

    Jacob Denolf

    Talent Lead / Senior Data Scientist

    Jacob started his career in theoretical mathematics, but switched towards the applied side, getting a PhD at the department of data analysis. With a deep passion for analytics he now immerses himself in training future data scientists and making the data dreams of our clients a reality.

  • Jelle Grammens | Crunch Analytics

    Jelle Grammens

    Senior Data Scientist

    Jelle is a skilled data scientist with a background in business and economics. He combines his knowledge of data analytics and machine learning with his business acumen to help customers bring their ideas to life.

  • Haeike Josephy | Crunch Analytics

    Haeike Josephy

    Senior Data Scientist

    Haeike started her career in physiology and evolutionary biology, but eventually transitioned towards studies in statistical data analysis. During her time teaching at Ghent University she obtained a PhD within that same field, with a particular focus on correlated data structures and causal inference. In her work, she greatly enjoys facing challenging puzzles that allow her to improve and explore, from one day to the next.

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