Learn to spot new opportunities offered by data science, and know how to guide your team to tap into this potential.

  • Marketing & Sales Manager/Director
  • Operations Manager/Director
  • Financial Manager/Director

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We offer several different training packages. Browse around to see which one suits you best.

In case you can't find the perfect match, do drop us a line and tell us more about what you are looking to learn and we will direct you to the appropriate learning tracks or even aid you in developing a specialised learning plan for you and your team.

Personal training request

Do you want one of these courses given privately at your company? Or do you have a specific training in mind but you can’t find it here? Talk to us and we’ll discuss it further.

Training for manager

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    In-house Company training

    Do you want one of these courses given privately at your company? Or do you have a specific training in mind but you can't find it here? Do you want something tailored to specific issues you are facing?

    Talk to us and we'll find you the perfect solution!

    • Start: at your convenience
    • Location: your place or ours
    • Number of sessions: the right amount
    • Seats available: as many as needed
    • Duration: perfectly timed
    • Language: English or Dutch
    • Price: ask us and find out!
    • Financing: KMO Portefeuille

    In-house Company training

    Great choice! Let us know what you need or share your ideas. We would love to talk to you and find you the perfect solution.

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    • Manager

    AI for Managers

    Get in touch with the world of data, AI and machine learning during our one-day workshop where you will dive into real life business cases and set up your own data goals.

    • Start: TBD
    • Location: Brussels - Belgium
    • Number of sessions: 1 day
    • Duration: 9:00 - 12:30 & 13:30 - 17:00
    • Seats available: 10
    • Language: English
    • Price: € 795 pp. excl. BTW
    • Financing: KMO Portefeuille

    AI for Managers

    Great that you are showing interest in the introduction of Data Science in your company! Fill in this form to subscribe or ask questions. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with the answers and specifics.

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    The Crunch Team

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Your teachers

  • Laurent Mainil | Crunch Analytics

    Laurent Mainil

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Laurent combines a deep expertise in Sales & Marketing strategy with a strong under-standing of data analytics. He's the guy helping you getting the ideas on the table and recognising the value.

  • Louis-Philippe Kerkhove | Crunch Analytics

    Louis-Philippe Kerkhove

    Co-Founder and CTO/COO

    Louis-Philippe started out in business and economics, but quickly developed a passion for algorithmic and mathematical problem solving. After spending time in academia - and earning his PhD in 2016 – he is now leading the analytics team at Crunch Analytics, applying this knowledge to solve real business problems using cutting edge tools and techniques.

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