In-house Company training

Do you want one of these courses given privately at your company? Or do you have a specific training in mind but you can't find it here? Do you want something tailored to specific issues you are facing?

Talk to us and we'll find you the perfect solution!

There are few fields that won't be disrupted by data science,

so make sure you are the disruptor - not the disrupted!

Need a helping hand in your project, but don't want to lose the potential to build essential in-house skills?

You have a great idea and you are convinced that it will create a massive impact on your business. However, your team currently does not possess all the right skills, nor do you want to become dependent on external vendors. We can walk alongside you, assisting your teams whilst learning them the skills they need to be able to support and develop these applications in the future.


We present the content you need. If you don't know what you need we are very happy to help you find out what your requirements are!

If you have a specific challenge we can create tailored courses that help your team to solve the issue at hand.

Practical info

We can do trainings at your company, or we can host the location at our offices in Ghent or Brussels.

If you choose the latter, the course will take place in the Quantum building at Dampoort Ghent or in the Regus Central Station in Brussels. Both are accessible by bus and train since the railway station is only a 5 minute walk.

We are proud to announce that if you work at a Flemish SME, you could use the ‘KMO-portefeuille’ to partially fund your educational programme at Crunch Analytics. Dependent on the size of your company up to € 598 of your participation fee can subsidised by the Government.

For more information on the ‘KMO-portefeuille’ click here.

Crunch Analytics’s approval number is: DV.O229414

  • Programmer
  • Analyst
  • Manager

In-house Company training

  • Date / Period at your convenience
  • Location your place or ours
  • Number of sessions the right amount
  • Seats available as many as needed
  • Session duration perfectly timed
  • Language English or Dutch
  • Price ask us and find out!
  • Financing: KMO Portefeuille

In-house Company training

Great choice! Let us know what you need or share your ideas. We would love to talk to you and find you the perfect solution.

Why our clients choose us

Kurt Delaplace | Crunch Analytics

Kurt Delaplace

Team Lead, In The Pocket

I wanted to have a better understanding of Machine Learning, to enable me to spot the opportunities to use this new technology within my projects. Participating in the sessions by Crunch Analytics has helped me to guide my team in the right direction, and improve the way we build applications. 

Why choose Crunch?
  • Get a clear understanding of how Machine Learning works
  • Improve products using Machine Learning
  • Be able to lead your development team better
Thomas Mons | Crunch Analytics

Thomas Mons

Director of Engineering, In The Pocket

Our goal is create digital products that make people happy and makes businesses grow. Within 3 years all digital products will contain some form of artificial intelligence. Hence, it is essential for us to keep up with these technologies!

Why choose Crunch?
  • Embrace the shift towards Artificial Intelligence to stay relevant to users
  • Build the ability to identify Machine Learning opportunities
  • Strengthen and maintain human capital
Michael Warner | Crunch Analytics

Michael Warner

Integrations Engineer, Showpad

Like many other companies Showpad has not remained blind to the opportunities offered by data science and machine learning. My participation in these sessions has allowed me to apply machine-learning tools and techniques in my day-to-day job, moving closer to a role as a fully fledged data scientist. 

Why choose Crunch?
  • Full hands-on materials, examples and notebooks you can keep for later
  • Perfect pace, not too fast nor too slow, straight to the point
  • Learn from very knowledgeable mentors, always available to answer questions and help out wherever possible
Kerensa Tiberghien | Crunch Analytics

Kerensa Tiberghien

Clinical Data Scientist, MoveUP

At moveUP we are moving from expert-driven to data-driven predictions to offer the best suited rehabilitation therapy for each our patients. Participating in these training sessions was the ideal way for me to acquire better insight into to possibilities offered by machine learning within this context.

Why choose Crunch?
  • Gain the necessary insights to prepare for your data science project
  • Ask and discuss your challenges with the mentors
  • Hands-on training means you will be able to really apply Machine Learning afterwards

Your teachers

  • Louis-Philippe Kerkhove | Crunch Analytics

    Louis-Philippe Kerkhove

    Co-Founder and CTO/COO

    Louis-Philippe started out in business and economics, but quickly developed a passion for algorithmic and mathematical problem solving. After spending time in academia - and earning his PhD in 2016 – he is now leading the analytics team at Crunch Analytics, applying this knowledge to solve real business problems using cutting edge tools and techniques.

  • Laurent Mainil | Crunch Analytics

    Laurent Mainil

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Laurent combines a deep expertise in Sales & Marketing strategy with a strong under-standing of data analytics. He's the guy helping you getting the ideas on the table and recognising the value.

  • Jacob Denolf | Crunch Analytics

    Jacob Denolf

    Academy Lead

    Jacob started his career in theoretical mathematics, but switched towards the applied side, getting a PhD at the department of data analysis. With a deep passion for analytics he now immerses himself in training future data scientists and making the data dreams of our clients a reality.

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