Help clients understand the opportunities that advanced analytics, machine learning & artificial intelligence provide for their organization. Immerse yourself in the daunting challeges key sectors are facing, learn to think like your stakeholders and point to where business value has been hiding for far too long.

Find a team that mentors junior profiles into trusted advisors and enable yourself to grow as a highly skilled professional.

Data analytics and AI will fundamentally change the way companies do business in the next decades. Most large corporates realize this, but are still looking for the right strategies to ensure their long-term relevance. This is where you come in.

Key responsibilities

  • Explore & understand opportunities of data analytics and A.I. in different industries
  • Understand dynamics, challenges, objectives of specific customers’ business
  • Understand stakeholder profiles, personalities, objectives and relationships
  • Guide customers in understanding concrete opportunities of data analytics and A.I. in their business
  • Support customer in deep-diving on some very concrete opportunities
  • Help customers in understanding the organisational changes required to create a data-driven business
  • Develop data strategy / roadmap in close collaboration with customers
  • Facilitate important, complex and sometimes contentious decision making
  • Be a good project manager, translating ideas and strategies to tangible value

Your profile

  • 2+ years of experience in management consulting or corporate strategy
  • Outstanding people skills
  • Outstanding communication skills (both written and oral)
  • Strong analytical mindset and ability to structure information
  • Strong business acumen
  • Passionate, driven, energetic
  • Fluent in Dutch and English, French is a plus
  • Affinity with the data science and AI ecosystem (but no need to be a programmer)

Our offer

Next to an attractive compensation package, we offer a vibrant working atmosphere with a true start-up mentality at our office in the Rodelijvekensstraat 28, in the center of Ghent. More than anything you will be given the opportunity to take the initiative to set this company on the map, as well as the opportunity to keep learning and growing over time.

We always appreciate it when you let us know why you want to work for Crunch Analytics exactly!

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