Data Engineer

Interested in architecting large-scale systems, building data warehouses and crafting data pipelines? As a Data Engineer, you will act as the craftsman, sketching, shaping and fortifying the required infrastructure to ensure a smooth transfer of data between clients and the Crunch Data Science Teams. If your eager to free your inner MacGyver, then be sure to read on.

Key responsibilities

  • Conceive and build reliable, distributed systems
  • Integrate countless data sources
  • Construct ETL (extract/transform/load) processes from complex data sets
  • Design large data warehouses, fit for further reporting or advanced analytics
  • Translate operational data into analytical data
  • Ensure data is easily accessible and that its exploitation is performing as requested, even in highly scalable circumstances
  • Optimize the performance of data ecosystems
  • Extract error information and server analytics logs
  • Collaborate with the Data Science Teams and join them in building fabulous solutions


Essential capabilities

  • You know how to code in Python
  • You have an expert understanding of SQL-like querying languages
  • You are capable of interacting with most relational databases such as, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL,...
  • You have a first experience with data warehouse systems
  • You know how to use Docker to deploy your solutions on cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS or Azure
  • You know how to design and interact with APIs (REST, SOAP)
  • You are comfortable working in an Unix-environment
  • You have strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze and interpret large amounts of data to underline the relevant information regarding a specific business objective

Nice to haves

  • Knowledge of programming languages other than Python, such as Scala, Java, C++,...
  • Experience with big data technologies: Hadoop, Spark,…
  • Knowledge of frameworks such as React, Flask, Ruby on Rails,...
  • Experience with GCP, AWS or Azure is a definitive plus
  • You can wrangle any type of data including messy data, time series,...
  • Knowledge of platforms, such as Informatica, Talend, IBM InfoSphere, Infoworks, Airflow, Nifi, Beam, ...
  • Experience with CI/CD
  • Able to mentor junior profiles and give technical advice and direction
  • Knowledge of data science and machine learning
  • Experience with lean/agile software development
  • Expertise in designing software architecture and rolling out new technology and solution initiatives

Your profile

You have a BS or MS in Computer Science, Engineering, IT management, Electronics, Maths, or Statistics

  • You are curious about new techniques and tools, and eager to learn new things
  • You are a true DevOps evangelist
  • You have a passion for working with data and technology
  • You are flexible and stress-resistant
  • You are a true team player with good interpersonal and communication skills both internally as well as client-facing
  • You are fluent in Dutch and English

Our offer

We offer a vibrant working atmosphere with a true start-up mentality at our office in the Rodelijvekensstraat 28, in the center of Ghent. More than anything you will be given the opportunity to take the initiative to set this company on the map, as well as the opportunity to keep learning and growing over time. As you operate in a startup environment you are unafraid of taking initiative and ownership of projects, but you can of course count on the full support and teachings of our other team members.

We always appreciate it when you let us know why you want to work for Crunch Analytics, more precisely!

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