Advanced Analytics and AI
for Horticulture

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Horticulture is amidst a data revolution.

For years now, companies active in horticulture have been accumulating significant amounts of data through the different operational systems they work with. This data has long remained locked within these systems, leaving valuable information unharvested. With an industry that is moving from a supply-driven market towards a demand-driven market, putting this data to work becomes more critical than ever.

An increasing number of organizations have discovered how this data can help to innovate and unlock new value. They lever data science, machine learning and AI to optimize or automate their most essential processes like planning, sales, cost management and production. They supplement internal datasets with data from external sources to acquire advanced market insights that feed revenue-increasing business strategies.

The data revolution is happening and will allow businesses in horticulture to improve scalability and develop new sustainable business models.

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