How we enabled PHARMAPETS to create more loyal customers by predicting their next purchase

Learn how we enabled Pharmapets to curb customer churn by adding individual customer repurchase predictions to their marketing automation tooling.

In four straightforward steps, we implemented a lightweight solution propelled by a combination of purchase data & AI techniques. A solution that enables the marketing team to create more effective marketing campaigns.

Pharmapets is an online pet pharmacy active in BE, NL & FR. Notwithstanding a steady growth in sales, the team saw that 57% of customers merely placed a single order, keeping customer churn high.

Sure, having loyal customers who place orders regularly is important for any e-commerce business. Yet, for Pharmapets, they are vital, given the fact that the total turnover of repeat purchases is about twice as large compared to first-time purchases.

The company had marketing automation tooling up and running to stimulate those repurchases, especially via mailing. Yet, it was convinced it could make better use of its tooling if the team had a better understanding of customer repurchase behavior.

- "We enabled the team to create more effective marketing campaigns with one key ingrediënt: highly accurate repurchase predictions." -

By introducing highly accurate repurchase predictions for each individual client and product, the team could improve messaging and make marketing campaign efforts more effective.

That is why we set up a lightweight solution that automatically adds repurchase predictions as an extra field of information to the current marketing automation tool. These predictions help the team vary their messaging strategy and make it more effective.

The outcome of each campaign is subsequently used to refine said messaging strategy.

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