How Real-Time Analytics on the Financial Performance of Products, Enables a Fresh Delicacies Provider to Thrive

The client, a Belgian FMCG player, was looking for a way to have more real-time, accurate hard facts & insights on the financial performance of certain products, product groups and clients readily available.

Trying to get such done with classic tools had shown itself to be a tedious, time-consuming task without satisfying results. And it was hardly 'real-time'.

By completing four straight-forward steps, using the latest in data engineering & machine learning algorithms, an easy-to-use solution was introduced.

For FMCG players, (near) real-time insights are key for making appropriate decisions, for instance when assessing the relationship with suppliers or retailers. These are especially key when looking at parameters such as the value different products yield or where margins can move.

Yet, the process of evaluating the financial performance of products, product categories and client relationships remains a cumbersome task for many teams or decision-makers.

  • There is the issue of manually extracting data from multiple systems, cleaning it up and preparing such for analysis;
  • and there is the issue of finding patterns and translating said data into actionable insights.

In four steps, Crunch Analytics introduced a Belgian FMCG player, active in the field of fresh delicacies to the marvel of data engineering & advanced analytics, automating the retrieval of data, automating the cleansing of data, enabling the translation of data into insights and visualizing the latter into an easy-to-use analysis tool.

It now allows the decision-maker to have the insights at his/her fingertips, at all times, taking into account company-specific business rules, without any of the tedious manual labor.

Download the Client Case

Download the client case and learn how the pains encountered by a decision-maker, eager for information on the financial performance of products, product groups or client relationships can be relieved through the application of data engineering & advanced analytics.