How Analytics-Driven Marketing Enables Beerwulf to Disrupt the Craft Beer Market

How Crunch Analytics provided a fast-growing e-commerce platform with the appropriate toolset & infrastructure that enables its marketing team to increases customer lifetime value by creating more meaningful customer relationships.

By bringing customer data together and introducing advanced analytics, the Beerwulf team was able to improve customer targeting and personalization which resulted in both higher engagement and conversion rates.

The need for ever more personal & targeted marketing campaigns

Beerwulf is an online craft beer retailer looking to better use its customer data to create more meaningful relationships with its customer base. Meaningful relationships that should result into more loyal customers and a higher customer lifetime value.

Why? Well, in the last couple of years we have witnessed a true revolution in the beer industry. Consumers are increasingly drawn to craft beers, trying new tastes and exploring the never-ending world of specialty brewers. In that market, Beerwulf faces an ever more fierce competition from online players as well as traditional supermarkets, who have been dedicating more and more shelf space to such specialty beers.

In this highly competitive market, effective marketing communication is crucial for a company like Beerwulf to grow its customer base and stay connected with its existing customers.

Therefore, better targeted marketing efforts and increased personalization of such efforts have become one of the main priorities for Beerwulf. It should become a means to set the company apart from its competition. To make this shift, Beerwulf realized that it had to unlock the value hidden in customer data, by upgrading their current setup to allow for effective, analytics-driven marketing efforts.

The challenge of bringing customer data together, obtaining appropriate insights & feeding those back to marketing automation tools

Marketing automation tools have changed the game, this past decade. They enable a brand to communicate swiftly & at scale. Yet, the challenge is making sure the tools target the right groups people and communicate the appropriate messages. For such, any marketing team needs to be able to tap in the pool of customer data that is recorded online & offline.

Beerwulf was struggling with the same challenges:

  • Provide marketeers with a single view on the customer, that brings all relevant client data together and provides an efficient starting point for future marketing analytics projects, with minimal strain on the IT department;
  • Obtain the appropriate insights from customer data that can feed marketing automation tools, to better target campaigns & improve tailored content

The solution & the success

Download the full client story in order to learn how we helped Beerwulf to face those challenges, what we built & the success it entailed.

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