Extracting the value captured in data to power Sales & Marketing

We support Sales & Marketing leaders in achieving their strategic objectives by transforming data into insights and actions

We will guide you in both data strategy & technology

We believe that figuring out what to do is as important as actually doing it.
That's why we help our customers with defining their data strategy, as well as implementing it.


Data valorisation strategy

Defining how to use data internally to create value

Data monetisation strategy

Defining how to sell data externally to generate additional revenue


Technology selection

Selecting the most appropriate technology for the defined use-case

Technology implementation

Performing the implementation of the technology

Technology adoption

Making sure the implemented technology gets adopted through training, change management and process integration

Our approach ensures maximum impact

The possibilities to create value from your data are endless.
We help you identify those use-cases that will drive maximum value and have a high likelihood to succeed.
Then we make sure the identified use-cases are implemented and integrated to perfection.


Explore data & objectives

Explore existing data and strategic objectives

Create use-cases

Create use-cases supporting strategic objectives based on (existing) data

Prioritize use-cases

Prioritize use-cases based on impact and likelihood to succeed


Identify technology

Identify best tool(s) / technique(s) to implement use-case

Implement use-case

Implement use-case using identified tool(s) / technique(s), ensure integration with existing processes

Integrate technology

Integrate technology in workflow through training, change management and process integration

Our Clients

Meet the team

We believe that exceptional people drive exceptional results.
In this philosophy, we are building a super star team to generate maximum value for our customers.

Picture Laurent Mainil

Laurent Mainil, ir.
Chief Executive Officer

Laurent combines a deep expertise in Sales & Marketing strategy with a strong under-standing of data analytics. He's the guy helping you getting the ideas on the table and recognising the value

Picture Louis-Philippe Kerkhove

Louis-Philippe Kerkhove, PhD
Chief Analytics Officer

Louis-Philippe has a strong expertise in the field of data analytics / machine learning and a solid business knowledge. He's the guy turning the ideas into tangible value

Picture Anonymous

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